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This is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, and I know it sounds like hyperbole, but it’s pretty damned cool to me. So what is it? It’s an iPad case from the good people at incase, but yet it’s so much more.

It’s called the Travel Kit Plus, and it solves a few big problems with typical iPad cases. See, most of them have the whole “protecting the iPad” thing sorted out, but the issue is with travelling. Going on a road trip or hopping on a plane means you’ll want to include a power adapter, and maybe the keyboard, too. So how do you fit all that in a traditional case? Fact is, you don’t. Now there’s another option.

This case has a spot for the iPad, but it also has a storage compartment for the Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard, a stand, USB drives, the iPad earbuds, and other goodies, too. Incase has released some new chargers now too, and they have their own spot in the bag. Let’s take a moment to talk about this stand, too. It’s included with the bag, and it holds the iPad, but also has a slot for cable management as well.

This is a lot of stuff in one bag, and it’s not too pricey, considering. It’s just $59.95, and it makes travelling with the iPad that much easier. I don’t have an iPad yet, but when I do, I’m buying this case.

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2 thoughts on “Travel Kit Plus by incase

  1. I bought this case last week. It’s very nice, though with the Apple Cover on your iPad, it could have used an additional mm or so of clearance — the zipper is very tight around the corners.

    I’m sure it would fit with no problems without Apple’s rubberized cover, but I prefer multiple levels of security on my gadgets.

    Another problem with the Apple case though, is that you can’t use the nifty stand included with the inCase Travel Kit.

  2. I also bought the incase travel kit for ipad and have the same problem. It should have been 1/2 inch wider. I also use the apple ipad cover and the incase cuts into it with the zipper over time the incase will probably rip from forcing the ipad in

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