Threadless designs make their way to the iPhone

Threadless is expanding. One of the world’s most popular “open community” tees store is expanding YOUR designs and printing them on iPhone cases in partnership with Griffin. So yeah, the cases come from Griffin, in case you’re concerned about the quality and the designs are from the Threadless community. This actually presents a fun opportunity, because it allows you to theme your daily geek get up with your gadgets. You can pair your iPhone case with the same design as your Threadless tee and even sport the same downloadable wallpaper design.

There are more designs over at the Griffin website. Sheesh, I can’t seem to find an omnibus collection of all the cases they sport.

So how does a design get chosen to become part of the Co-Op project between Griffin and Threadless? Apparently, its the marketing guys from Griffin that choose artist designs that resonate with the community and this seems more likely to mean classic designs from Threadless or more popular artists who have had several of their tees reprinted.

The partnership with Threadless seems to be hinting future collaborations of Griffin with other design companies to produce really great designs on the back of their cases.

The cases cost USD $34.99.


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