The Merlin Show: “Quicksilver Comma Trick”

merlinmann.jpgThe latest edition of The Merlin Show, a video podcast that is quickly growing on me, has posted a tip for all you Quicksilver enthusiasts out there. I’ve never been able to get into Quicksilver myself (stop it…no hate mail…I didn’t say I didn’t like it…I just haven’t gotten into it), but if you’re a frequent Quicksilver user and you’re unfamiliar with this time saving tip, I’m sure you’ll be excited to see it.

Click Here to view the video, or download the hi-rez version of the project.


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  1. i use quicksilver solely for the purpose of quickly opening apps without having to click on them in the dock or dragthing (and i love it for that purpose!) but it’s amazing what sorts of stuff one could get done with a little more “getting into it”, as you say.