The iMac turns 10 today

Let’s travel back in time to a far away land. A land where 10% of homes in Silicon Valley had home networks. A time when a 4 GB hard drive and a 15 inch display were all you’d ever want.

It was only 10 years ago (and its amazing how far we’ve come in that time) and Steve Jobs was introducing the iMac to the world. Today is the 10th birthday for the machine, and it has had an amazing evolution over the past decade. Moving from the blueberry colored 40lb bubble in the video above, to the slick 24 inch display below.

When you see how this has changed over the last 10 years…I can’t even imagine what the next ten have in store.



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  1. @Terry

    Indeed it does not. I must have been thinking about the monitor in front of me when I was type.

    Still…give it time.