Taligent – the Mac OS that never was

12defiantdemo2.JPG Robin Silberling has posted some images of the Taligent OS in his portfolio that give us a better look at the Taligent OS that Apple was developing in the late 80s to be the next-gan Mac OS…but wasn’t.

There is extensive coverage of the development of the OS at Wikipedia if you’re interested in reading about it.

Briefly, Taligent was an Object oriented OS that was originally developed within Apple, but later spun off as a partnership with IBM to build a competing platform to Microsoft Cairo and NeXTSTEP.  None of this succeeded, however, and Taligent closed up shop in the late 90s.

Check out Robin Silberling’s portfolio for a look at the icons, and a few more screenshots of Taligent in action.

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