Steven Segal saves the world with a Newton

I almost hate to post this, but it’s just too cool not to. I found the link via TUAW over the weekend. Someone took the time and energy to edit together all the scenes from Under Siege 2 that feature the Apple Newton.

Ah the Newton….it was ahead of it’s time…when will Apple give us a Newton 2.0?

Anyway, here’s the video:

And for those of you Apple fans who just can’t get enough Steven Segal, Here are few other pieces of Segal goodness.

Lighting Bolt Energy Drink – Steven Segal’s own energy drink. It tastes like mule urine, but hey, maybe you’re into that.

Mojo Priest – The latest album from Steven Segal. You read that right. Album. As in music. As in – Steven Segal made an album on which he sings, plays the guitar, and writes some terrible, terrible music. Enjoy.

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  1. You looking at it, I can’t see most as failures per se, stupidly marketed, yes and maybe.

    Most however, were technologically impressive but mis-directed. Most triggered an avalanche of copy cats.

    As a side note, some folks from 3Com who were part of the PDA adventure were talking about how marketing totally screwed up the concept. They said at first, the PDA itself wasn’t the focus point, the craddles were the important devices. The craddles were supposed to be extensions from anything in your home, think x10 homes, and the device would have a repository of functions and a front end GUI for everything from controling your home, to groceries, etc.

    Great concept, marketed backwards, upside down. Wonder how this world would be if it had been marketed like that…

  2. This is such a cool page – the coolest things in the world are macs and stephen seagal…

    In a year or two theyre both going to be so mainstream but it was us who started the revolution! If you dont have either of his albums buy them – there a good laugh but also he manages to string a few catchy riffs together. What a character.