SPECULATION: Macworld UK thinks new Apple Products coming soon

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apple-logo.jpgMacworld UK has learned that supplies of several Apple products appear to be restricted now – but will be available in plentiful supply in two weeks. They also state that it’s “the typical pattern of drought seen in advance of significant product launches.”

While it is true that this situation could be a sign of new products…it could also just be a sign of increased sales.

If you think about it…it would seem kinda silly to me for Apple to release a whole new line of products with Tiger on them, if Leopard is coming in a few months…it seems like it would be better to do this all at once….but…maybe not…maybe they want to release the systems now, and hope that you’ll buy them, then buy Leopard when it comes out in June.

Of course, the other “hot rumor” right now is that Leopard will, in fact, come before the end of the month.  If that happens, not only will I be surprised, but I will also be terribly saddened.  Why?  Because from everything I hear, and everything I’ve seen Leopard is not ready yet.  If Leopard was released this month, I would imagine we’d either have to lose some features that have been planned, or that we’d get a buggy product.  I don’t want either.

But (to wrap this little rant back around) if Leopard WAS coming at the end of the month, then launching new machines might be a good idea too.

Either way…I don’t think we’re going to be seeing a whole new product line by the end of the month…and I don’t think we’re going to be seeing Leopard by the end of the month.

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2 thoughts on “SPECULATION: Macworld UK thinks new Apple Products coming soon

  1. I dun think it would be a bad idea if they released the new products ahead of its release people smart enough will wait for Leopard but people we need a new machine now can get the new systems.

    I also don’t think Leopard will be released this month, but I’m not worried about its current state, I believe Apples Lab builds are far more advanced then we can imagine and that the developer builds are just fixing some bugs they’ve run into, and if all they are left doing is fixing all the bugs at the end of it now (imo at least) I dun think thats too bad, I think they cud ship it April-May but who knows. All I know is I got 200 or so waiting to order it asap.

  2. I agree on your Leopard view, but, assuming we get some kind of notice of an announcing event in the next week, Apple’s bumping some products within a couple of months of a new OS release is not beyond them. Historically, they’ve done just that before, necessitating a kind of rebate program for those buying new hardware within usually a month of that release.

    However, they’d have to announce an event within the next week to be able to do that within that two week time frame MacWorld mentioned, unless they are intending an immediate release of those products without any delay.

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