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yugma.jpgI don’t showcase alot of web applications, but this one is different. Web conferencing is necessary for a lot of businesses. From sales, to web design, and more – any job where you work with a team over a long distance needs web conferencing these days.

Mac support in this area is a bit limited, and most services cost a monthly fee, or per session fee…but Yugma is different.

Yugma (pronounced “yoog-ma”; Sanskrit word meaning “together”) is a free next generation real-time web conferencing and desktop sharing service for Mac and Windows (with Linux coming soon). I asked a friend to help me test it out, and we were both using the program in a few minutes (including sign up time).

The program automatically generates a Conference call Phone Number as well as a Session ID number so that up to 10 others can join in (in the free version. The pay version allows more connections).

screenshot_09.jpgAs you can see from the screenshots (click for a larger image), I could easily see my friend’s desktop (as he visited the fine Bloggy Network site,, and switching Presenters was quick and easy.

All in all, I was very, very impressed with Yugma. If you need to do any web conferenceing, either with your clients, or with your co-workers, this is a great free web based solution.

Click Here to give it a try.


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  1. For super-simple web demos and presentations to as many as 100 guests at a time, I highly recommend the service offered by Glance Networks.

    Glance lets you show anything on your Mac or PC screen. Your guests connect from any Mac/PC/Linux computer, using their favorite browser. No software downloads required.

    Glance is designed for business users who need a dependable screen sharing service that works every time, on time.