Software Spotlight: WhatSize

whatsize.jpgNow that the new year is upon us, you’ve probably made some resolutions.  Perhaps one of them has been to clean off that beast of a computer of yours and clean off some harddrive space.  Unlikely, I know, but I’m having a tough time coming up with an intro for this thing…

What WhatSize does is simple.  It looks at all your files and makes it easy for you to see what is taking up the most amount of space on your harddrive.  It organizes everything from largest file to smallest, so you can get in there and clean things out with ease.

WhatSize is freeware, and you can download it here

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  1. I really liked the program too, it’s important to have an app that shows you what you’ve filled up your disk with.

  2. right… this thing rocks! it’s basically a finder window, only it displays the sizes of all folders and files next to them, color-coded depending on how large they are. plus it displays all hidden files, too. helped me spot a couple gigs of files i totally forgot about and definitely did not need any more. great app!

    also, i found out that i have around 2 gigs of printer drivers and around 4.5 gigs of totally useless apple sound loops and whatnot that i was too afraid to delete. and my iphoto folder is over 4 gigs large. yay!