Software Spotlight: Think Free Online Office

thinkfreelogo.gifToday’s software spotlight is slightly different, because it’s not a Mac app you download and install…it’s Think Free’s Online Office.

I’ve been looking for an Office Suite that didn’t have “Microsoft” on it anywhere since I switched to Macs a few years ago.  I’ve tried Open Office, but I don’t like having to run x11 – although it has gotten much better, and I have NeoOffice installed on my Mac as well…I’m happy with both of them, but I’m finding Think Free to be a better solution for me everyday.


Well, portability and versatility.  I can access it from anywhere with a broadband connection without having to install anything.  Whether I’m at home, visiting relatives, or at work, I can access my documents, and a full office suite anytime I want.

I have spent most of my time in the word processing and presentation applications, and I have really enjoyed using them.  They’re very robust applications, and well worth taking a look at if you use multiple computers, or wish to collaborate with others.

Just a note…I have found it runs very smoothly in Safari.  I have had trouble with it crashing in Firefox on multiple occasions.

Click Here to visit Think Free 


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  1. Hi,

    I don’t know anything about Think Free office.
    Another good webbased office application is Google docs & spreadsheets.
    Maybe you should also try is one, to compare.

  2. Hey Guido –

    I like Google Docs & Spreadsheets too.

    I just like Think Free a little better. With Google Docs I feel more like I’m writing an email…