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nocturne.jpgNocturne is a new free application from the creator of Quicksilver. It’s a very simple application for switching your computer to “night vision” mode.

Of course, you can already do something similar to this on your Mac just by hitting “ctrl-opt-cmd-8” (Go ahead, try it…it’s fun.)

But Nocturne offers some subtle improvements that make this worth the download.

  • Proper color correction in monochrome modes – you don’t lose all your blues or reds when you tint the screen.

  • Window shadow toggling – if glowing windows aren’t your thing.

  • Background removal – hide the desktop picture so you don’t see a inverted version.

You can download Nocturne here.

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4 thoughts on “Software Spotlight: Nocturne

  1. This is great. Exactly what I needed. I’ve been working with WriteRoom at nights, which is cool, but that’s just one app. I love this!!!!

  2. That’s for the tip Michael. I didn’t know about this before. I am downloading Nocturne now.

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