Take a look at iSoftPhone

isoftphone_bg.gifThe iSoftPhone looks to me like a lawsuit waiting to happen. It’s a SIP phone interface that looks…you guessed it…like an iPhone.

I didn’t actually get a chance to look at this software too closely because to use the trial you have to create a CallCentric user account…and I just didn’t feel like it. The only real reason this is being posted is for those of you that just REALLY, REALLY can’t wait for the iPhone.

If you want a SIP solution that looks like the iPhone…here it is.

Apple Gazette Team
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  1. i don’t quite see why apple even bothers suing for such stuff (remember the winmobile skin?). in my eyes that only shows how eager people are to get their hands on the real deal. i mean, c’mon, who mods his winmo device to look like an iphone and then says he does not want the real thing? that would be like installing an osx skin on win xp and saying “look here! i don’t need a mac now!”

  2. phil –

    I agree completely. The only thing that I can think is that maybe they’re afraid of the trademark issues. Because if you don’t defend your trademarks, then you basically give them up.

    But even still…it is asinine to threaten a lawsuit over stuff like the Winmobile Skin or something like this (which, of course, they haven’t done…yet)

  3. Apple !!
    Wouden’t it be a insanelly great idea to give us a try out software version of the iPhone ?
    A full working software version with all the benefits : phone, sms, ipod, music, video, photo, safari, and so on ….. !!!??
    It can’t be that difficult to do, all those things are already in our Macs !
    So we can already enjoy and try out the big iPhone adventure ??
    Whaauw !!!! Super idea !!!
    … and what an add for it to !