Software Spotlight: DrawIt 3.3


I’m a big fan of vector drawing programs. I love vector artwork, and I enjoy working with these different programs to see how they put things together. Most try to follow the path set by Adobe, and that’s great. It makes them easy to access, and quick to pick up.

DrawIt is a different beast, though. This program carves its own path, and it does it in a very innovative and cool way. The latest release, DrawIt 3.3 has been released today and you can get a free download of it on the official site.

Feature highlights include:
* Non-destructive Editing
* Powerful Vector Tools
* Support for Masks
* Core Image Filters
* Support for Groups
* Bread Crumb Navigation
* Pixel-Precise Positions
* Object Styles
* Placeholders Strings
* Supports several Export formats
* Fully Customizable Workspace

The site includes screencasts and examples to help you get started – and I have to say, even though I’ve only worked with it for a little while, I really like what this program has to offer. It’s a very interesting alternative, and not a bad deal at $42.



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