Software Spotlight: CleanApp

cleanappscreenshote.pngCleanApp is another uninstaller for OS X, and it also includes the ability to remove unused universal binary parts to help save space on your system.

CleanApp has a simple interface and is easy to use.

Some of the features include:

* List with all applications on your hard drive
o Spotlight-search for programs only
o Sort by date of last use
* System preferences, widgets, plug-in’s, and screen savers will also be tracked, and can be removed with no residue.
* Remove language packages from applications
* Cache-files can be removed from the system, using a clear list view
* Old and unused files can be detected
* Archive
o create compressed archives of applications, system add-ons, widgets, plug-in’s, and screen savers, including all associated files and folders
o Use archives from your own, or from other Mac’s directly
o Save archives directly from within CleanApp into the private or public directory of .mac
o Examine the content of archives, without decompressing them
o Archives with time and date of creation
* Lucid journaling window of all CleanApp actions
* Deleting App’s as fast as possible, using the CleanApp dashboard widget
* CleanApp’s languages: German, Englisch, Italian and Dutch

CleanApp is $10 for a full license, but you can download a demo by clicking here.

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