Should Apple enter the Video Game Market?

apple_pippin.jpgMacRumors has a follow-up post to their previous post about Apple entering the video game market.  This time they are claiming that it’s going to happen in late 2007.

I can’t imagine this actually happening, and I have to call BS on these rumors.  Beyond the fact that the sources aren’t very credible (which is mentioned in the MacRumors article), this just doesn’t make sense for Apple.

The video game market is already crowded.  With Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft all pushing their systems, plus the PC gaming market, and even the Mac gaming market, there just isn’t room for another console in the living rooms of the world.

Plus, Apple is not a company known for following others…and there is really very little chance they could create a gaming platform that was anything but a “me too” system.

I think we’re much more likely to find that iTV has some interesting secrets we’ve yet to see, then we are to find Apple jumping head first into an over-crowded gaming market.

What do you think?

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