Sendstation Announces Dock Extender for iPod/iPhone

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thumb-dext-cu.jpgSendstation has announced an interesting little extender for your iPod or upcoming iPhone. This dock extender will allow you to keep your case on your iPod at all times.

There is nothing quite as annoying as having to remove your case everytime you want to dock your iPod. It gets old quick. With Sendstation’s new extender that will be a thing of the past. The extender is designed to work with any iPod case that has an opening for the dock port, and will be available in March. Price is yet to be determined.

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2 thoughts on “Sendstation Announces Dock Extender for iPod/iPhone

  1. meh. i have a rugged, scratched and worn ipod mini without a case. unless the newer shiny nano ones, the minis were built to last, and i don’t need a girly case for it ;>

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