Safari 3 Beta Update for Windows

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If you’re one of those few people that are interested in using Safari on Windows, then you’ll probably be interested to know that the Beta has been updated. The update is up to version 3.0.4 and you can now resize the window from any side, and there are new hot key settings and font smoothing options.

The most important thing, however, is that there are security updates to this version, so if you haven’t already done so – you should really upgrade. You can click here for a full list of what has been changed.

Do you know anyone that is using Safari on Windows? I don’t. I’ve tried it out, but I don’t primarily run a Windows machine, and I’m not in my virtual Windows machine enough to mess with having Safari on it. I didn’t care much for the first Beta – but I should probably give it another try now that a few of the kinks have been worked out…ah well….

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5 thoughts on “Safari 3 Beta Update for Windows

  1. I used Safari on my PC for quite a while. I thought it was a great browser, but some sites wouldn’t work on it. Hearing this, I might just give it another try :).

  2. At first, I thought Safari 3 final for window was going to be released on October but I was wrong.. The final version of the said browser was for Leopard then now for tiger as well. So i guess I’ll have to wait for the final version to be released.

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