RUMOR: CompUSA puts Mac Pros on the “D Status”

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This originated in the MacRumors forums, and I caught it off of TUAW, but this is an interesting bit of rumor…

Supposedly, CompUSA has pulled it’s Mac Pros and has put them on the “D Status” – which means discontinued. The poster says that all Mac Pros, even demo units, are to be pulled off the shelves to make room for new inventory.

Now, before we turn this rumor into cold hard fact (which it is not), I want to ask you – Do any of you work at CompUSA? Can anyone confirm this poster’s claims?

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3 thoughts on “RUMOR: CompUSA puts Mac Pros on the “D Status”

  1. I would love this to be true. I am [im]patiently waiting for the next iteration of the Mac Pro, which I will buy immediately. Even if it’s just a speed bump. I’ve BEEN waiting, because I didn’t want to get burned with buying one shortly before a new model, and I’ve now waited too long to buy one in the eleventh hour before a new model comes out, but I’m emotionally and practically overdue. I bought a Mac Mini for my wife, and playing with that has satiated me a bit, but I’m sick of the slower HD, not much RAM, and slow[er] chip compared to a Mac Pro!!!

  2. I was just in the CompUSA in Tacoma WA this past weekend and not a single MacPro was on display or a box to be seen. The Mac rep said the last one in stock sold the day before.

  3. I work at a compusa, the unit still appears as active/incoming, which means that it is not in discontinued status, much to my dismay..

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