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My search for a good set of headphones has been going on forever. There’s this fine balance it seems between an affordable pair that sounds alright and a really expensive pair that you just can’t afford. For example, right now I’m a big fan of the Beats headphones by Monster Cable, but the $300 price tag is a bit prohibitive. I’m always on the hunt to find that sweet spot between pricey and good sounds, and making things more complicated is my taste in music. I prefer a sold bass line to most of my beats, and I never can seem to find that for a decent price.

That’s why when we were contacted by iFrogz about their new line of iPhone headphones, I jumped on the chance to try them out. They sent us over a free set of the Timbre model, and I got right on testing them out.

These are in-ear headphones, and I know a lot of people out there don’t really like that. In fact, these are designed to go deep into the ears, creating a suction seal in the ear canal that produces a deep, rich bass. And trust me, without putting them in all the way, the resulting sound is distorted and distant.

According to iFrogz, the unique wood design of the headphones is what’s able to produce the remarkable bass output that these put out. I listened to a variety of different songs, from pop beats, hip-hop and rock, with the same result – I never once lost that bass sound that I was looking for. “Back in Black” by AC/DC produced a rich bottom end that really did rock, and Eminem’s “Bagpipes from Baghdad” revealed a bass line that I couldn’t normally hear on the iPhone’s included headphones.

One of the bonus features to the headset is the included mic. I tried a call or two on the headset, and got varying results. The person on the other end never had any issues, with just a little bit of echo which could be attributed to the room in which I was calling from. That said, talking while you have a set of headphones in is a little odd, as you hear yourself sounding distant, and almost want to elevate your tone to compensate. I can easily see this leading to people yelling out their conversations, but once you get used to it, it’s fine.

Really, if I have any complaint about these headphones, it’s the bass. I know, that’s a little odd to say considering how much I love the deep tones, but the high end doesn’t compensate accordingly. It’s like the bass is turned all the way up and everything else is flat, and you miss some of the higher highs. If you’re looking for a more sonically balanced set of headphones, these may not be for you. One other thing to mention was that when I plugged these into my iPhone 3GS, I had no issues, but when plugged into my MacBook Pro, I got a slight hissing sound when no music was playing. This could just be the way the plug fits into the hole, but if you’re planning on using these for your laptop, take that in mind.

But if you like deep bass and prefer to listen to hip-hop or dance music, these are the headphones for you. And at the price – $49.99 per their Web site – it can’t be beat.

iFrogz Timbre headphones

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