Plants vs Zombies comes to the iPhone after Valentine’s Day

Here’s a thought. In case your Valentine’s doesn’t go all too well this weekend, you’ll have something rather introverted to look forward to. Popcap is releasing Plants vs Zombies for the iPhone on the 15th of February. In less than a week, you’ll have access to the Internet’s most addicting tower defense game from your iPhone or iPod touch. The implementation of the touch screen is intuitive enough, allowing you to access your plantbox from the left side of the screen and what seems to be a maximum of 8 plants per round.

Today, if you check the iTunes store, all you’ll find is a Plants vs Zombies cheat sheet that’s for sale at 99 cents. Plants vs Zombies is estimated to cost not more than USD $5.00 as goes all Popcap games. So that’s it folks. Save the date, February 15 2010!


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