Phone Fingers – The Worst iPhone Accessory Ever

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Yup – this wins. Hands down. These Phone Fingers allow you to touch your iPhone without ever having to get those nasty smudges on the screen. Instead you can walk around looking like a total freak with one two black rubber fingers.


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13 thoughts on “Phone Fingers – The Worst iPhone Accessory Ever

  1. Hokay, why black? Why not flesh-colored, and while we’re at it, why not throw in the option of iPod shuffle colors while we’re at it? I’d akshully toy with the idea of getting an iPhone if I could use fuschia-colored finger rubbers, but black? Not on a dare, not if you paid me money, not if I were black-out drunk-dialing!

  2. WTF! That’s TWO rubber fingers! And they come in Small, Medium, Large AND Extra Large!

    Yeah, no more worries about smudges. You’ll be too busy figuring out why everyone’s giving you funny looks! 😀

  3. i love them! this is just so much easier and less dorky than using one of those disgusting screen protector films! where do i sign?

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