Nike+ coming to iPhone and iPod Touch

Table of Contents is reporting, due to a tip from Nike, that the Nike+ Sport Kit will be extending to the iPhone and iPod touch in the very near future, possibly including wi-fi connectivity to make it possible to update your training on the fly.

In particular, the new wi-fi feature could be suited for use with the Nike+ Coach, a new feature of the Nike+ website, which launched this week. It simulates the experience of having a personal trainer schedule your training runs based around the Nike+’s programs.

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4 thoughts on “Nike+ coming to iPhone and iPod Touch

  1. Great. I bet more and more people will break their iPhones, he he. 🙂

    I have the entire outfit but haven’t been able to use it. It’s well worth the money though. 😉

  2. @krye I highly doubt it would be a hardware update. I would be something easy to do on a software update. I would be the same thing as adding the apps to the iPod touch.

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