Myst Online: Uru Live Opens Today

myst_screen42.jpgMyst is one of my favorite games of all time. When the first version of the game was released in the 90s I found it to be incredibly ingrossing.

Even though the series has evolved in ways that make me like it less than I used to, I can’t help but be excited about Myst Online.

Gametap announced yesterday that Myst Online officially opens its doors today.  Mac system requirements have not been defined on the official website yet,  but I would expect to need an at least semi-power system to play the game well.

Myst Online is a combination of unique Myst gameplay and the social aspects of MMORPGs featuring new Ages, and new puzzles to solve (both on your own and as a group).  Players wishing to give it a spin can do so for only .99 cents for the first month, and $9.95 for each month following.

Click Here to check it out.

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