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I’ve looked around at iPhone wallpaper sites for a long time now, and I never seem to find that one that just fits me. I’ve tried, but it always seems like I’ll get something that I kind of like, then feel like it’s cheesy so I bail on it entirely.

So I’m working on stuff at my desk today, when I get an IM from a good friend of mine, who I’m sure would rather remain anonymous. Let’s just call her by her rapping name, MC Look. She sends me a link to an iPhone wallpaper site that I had never seen before, with new and different wallpapers than are out there currently. At least that I’ve found, anyways.

They’re called Poolga, and they’ve got the magic touch with iPhone screens. Here’s the big difference: These wallpapers are designed by designers and illustrators, so they’re more artsy than your traditional wallpaper site. Yes, they have Darth Vader, but he’s a bit more cubist. Otherwise, these all appear to be original watercolors, painted illustrations and photoshop marvels that really show off the creative people doing the work. Me, I’m not capable of this kinda stuff. That’s why I can appreciate it when I see quality work.

Of course, none of this is important unless the price is right, which it is. The wallpapers are free, so go ahead and download to your heart’s content. Don’t worry, there’s lots to choose from.

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