More iPad Case Options: Tuffwrap by XtremeMac

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There are many different types of cases out there for the iPad, and if you still need to find a way to protect your delicate device from dings and scratches and are looking for something cool, here’s another option.

In this case, it’s called the Tuffwrap, and it’s made by XtremeMac. For $39.99, you get a silicone case that fits snugly around the back of the iPad, protecting it from damage. Although there’s nothing to protect the front of the iPad, XtremeMac does have something for that as well. That’s called Tuffshield, and it’s a clear, anti-glare static cling that sticks to the screen of the iPad, keeping it away from scratches and damage. For that, you’ve got to shell out $24.99.

So what’s the overall verdict? It seems like a lot of money to spend on a case, since when added up you’re looking at $65 for the combo. That said, there’s no reason why you couldn’t buy just one of the cases if you wanted to. If this seems like your bag, give it a shot.

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