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I love me a good dock. I like them. They make my live neat and organized, which is the way I want things to go. Sure, my desk typically looks like Skeletor keeps a spare key, but docks help me keep things pretty and organized. When I someday buy an iPad, I’ll probably have a dock for that as well.

Which brings me to this, the DLO Wall Dock for the iPhone/iPod. It works in a similar fashion to the Scosche wall-mount charger we introduced to you earlier this month, but it doesn’t have the nightlight. Better though is its clean look, something the Scosche model just doesn’t have. It looks like an Apple-built accessory without actually being one, and that’s perfect. It’s also compact enough to fit inside a travel bag, making it perfect for a businessperson on the go, or maybe just a well-travelled blogger. Maybe one who’s going to Boston to see the Red Sox play, or to Hawaii to go surfing. Oh, how I’d like to be that blogger. Damn him.

So what’s the price? $24.99 is all it takes to get this sweet little puppy in your hands, and frankly, that’s a pretty good deal. The Apple USB power adaptor is $4 more, plus it doesn’t have a handy carrying station. Interested? Go buy one. Meanwhile, I’m going to go try to book a flight to Boston.

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