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jimallchin.jpgPC Pro yesterday covered the third instance where Jim Allchin, co-president of the company’s Platform Products and Services Group, has shown his love for all things OS X. Like the previous instances, these come from emails that have been part of an Iowa antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft.

In this round of emails, Allchin expresses how impressed he is with the (then unreleased) OS X Tiger. ‘I don’t believe we will have search this fast,’ he wrote (while discussing Spotlight).

Microsoft’s Lenn Pryor, former Director of Platform Evangelism joined in the fun as well. ‘Tonight I got on corpnet, hooked up to my Exchange server and then downloaded all of my mail into the local file store,’ I did system wide queries against docs, contacts, apps, photos, music, and … my Microsoft email on a Mac. It was f***ing amazing. It is like I just got a free pass to Longhorn land today.’

After these discussions there was a rather odd back and forth about the Tiger DVDs.  I’m not sure what the licensing issues are for developers (which is how I assume Microsoft got ahold of this pre-release version of Tiger) but Allchin is  basically talking about passing the DVDs along so they they can install them on each others computers…

‘I hate to give up my DVDs, and I know Lenn [Pryor] doesn’t want to give it up either,’ wrote Vic Gundotra. ‘(If I send you mine, can you promise to get them back to me unscratched?)’

Very interesting stuff…

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