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I have never owned a Mercedes Benz. A good friend of mine has quite a collection, however, and I even pointed him towards one. As a bus mechanic, Spongebob – yes, that’s what we called him – loved working on diesel engines. He would buy mid ’80s and ’90s diesel-powered MBs and rebuild them. Then he’d drive them all over the place, park them out in an open field somewhere, and pull a kite out of the back seat so he could play with it for hours at a time. That Spongebob was one weird cat.

My father, however, did once own a Mercedes. He’s not looking to buy one now, but if he were, I’d suggest to him the new iPhone app from Mercedes Benz Financial [iTunes link] With it, you can see your account, pay your bill, get a payoff quote, find a dealer, or send them a quick e-mail to ask them a question.

This made me think about whether or not any other car companies have similar apps, particularly, the ones I do business with. As it turns out, neither Chevrolet or Toyota (for my Silverado or Scion xB) have apps. Frankly, I think this is something that all car companies should do, if only to get in better touch with their customers. It’s the wave of the future, and all the cool kids are doing it.

Now I’ve just got to get myself a Benz, preferably one without a kite in the backseat.

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