MeowWalker Promo Codes: Michael Jackson returns to life as a kitty

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Hey guys look. It’s a cat and Michael Jackson crossed together. Either it’s a really bad joke, or for USD $0.99 cents you can have a thrilling new sensation on your iPhone / iPod touch. Seriously guys, it’s fun. MeowWalker makes use of the accelerometer of your iPod to moonwalk “Mewskers” the cat to the left and right of the stage. You can execute dance moves by tapping, holding and dragging your fingers across the screen. On the peripherals, you will also need to swat away boots and tin cans from the more discerning critics, which in turn earn you points.

MeowWalker grabs songs from your iPod so it would be really cool to have the complete Michael Jackson anthology in your playlist. It’s not the best thing we’ve seen around, but it sure is fun.

OK go crazy. Five promo codes. Be quick:


[Download MeowWalker USD $0.99] iTunes Link

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