This Macintosh 128k Replica Is a Thing of Beauty

Macintosh 128k replica

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Love for the 1984 Mac has remained strong over the decades, and we’ve seen some cool representations of it. Take for example this LEGO version, which you can actually make on your own.

LEGO Mac 1984

Sure, you can’t use it, but think of the fun you can have making it and admiring your creation!

But here’s a Macintosh 128k replica that is of a totally different level: The Golden Apple.

The creation of Love Hultén, a Swedish designer, craftsman, and innovator, the Golden Apple is captivating in its beauty.

Macintosh 128k replica

This Macintosh 128k replica is hand-made using American walnut, and as you can see, the finish is simply gorgeous. Looking at it from different angles, you’ll see the details and dimensions that make the replica even more impressive.

Keyboard and mouse
Keyboard and mouse
View from the top
View from the top

Hultén describes his baby:

“The Golden Apple has an up-to-date Mac Mini mounted inside, and the floppy drive has been replaced with a DVD reader. The custom made mechanical keyboard uses blue cherry MX tactile switches which are covered by gold plated key caps made from zink. A wireless mouse made from walnut completes the unique setup.”

The Golden Apple – Macintosh 128k replica

And just to give you a frame of reference in case you need it, here is the original Macintosh reveal in 1984.

Steve Jobs presenting the first Mac in 1984

What would you give to own one of these?

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