MacAppaDay offers up Xslimmer

xslimmer.pngUPDATE: Apparently Xslimmer DOES work with PPC Macs. Everyone can calm down now, Jeez – a guy goes out on a Friday night and wakes up the next morning to half a dozen freak outs about this app. My sincerest apologies go out to anyone that was hurt in any way from my misunderstanding of how this application works.

If you’re an Intel Mac User you may want to take note of this unique App that is featured on Mac App A Day today.

It’s called Xslimmer.

Basically, Xslimmer takes your Universal Binaries and removes the code that your Mac never uses…saving you disk space.

Again, this is only for Intel Macs, so PPC users don’t bother downloading it…but for Mactel users this is a pretty cool freebie…as long as you get it today.

Click Here to visit Mac App A Day

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  1. “this is only for Intel Macs, so PPC users don’t bother”
    Wake up! Xslimmer also works perfectly on my iBook G4 (PowerPC)!

  2. Sorry, but that is plain wrong. Xslimmer works as well on PPC as on INTEL Macs. Saved me 400 meg last night in my beloved PPC..