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Macworld is reporting that MacAddict is changing it’s name to Mac|Life.  Of course, the “blogosphere” instantly lit up with opinions about this name change, some of which were very negative .  After reading MacAddict Editor-in-Chief Rik Myslewski’s explanation for the name change , I think it’s a good idea, and a very smart move for the publication.  Mr. Myslewski is right…times have changed.  Mac users are no longer a small band of troops that need to be rallied to ensure the survival of the computers we love.  Apple is doing very well these days.

Mac market share is up, iPods have absolute dominance in the MP3 player market, and iTV is gearing up to take over the living room.  In a lot of ways it’s possible to live a “mac life” these days, and I think MacAddict could use a fresh look and direction.  I’ll be eager to pick up the first edition of Mac|Life when it hits the stands in 2007.

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  1. They needed to get rid of that geeky kid format. The market is much larger than K-12. I canceled my subscription years ago because they were trying too hard to be hip or cute. Many of users want to know how to use the Mac more productively rather than play games or customize appearance of things etc. Teaching people how to coordinate many of the apps that are available would be a better start. Many readers are not geeks and need real help.

    David Jones

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