Leopard kinda sorta maybe ready for launch…maybe…sort of….

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Yesterday AppleInsider reported that Leopard was ready for launch because employees were being trained on the product…later in the day Mac Rumors chimed in stating that Apple had yet to certify a version of Leopard as “Gold”.

Me thinks they best hurry it up already.

Leopard is scheduled to arrive in October 2007. You know, the October that we’re in right now. I sincerely hope that we get Leopard in October, but I think it’s safe to say at this point that, if anything, Leopard will be released as close to October 31st as possible…and we might even be looking at an AppleTV situation, where we are allowed to pre-order it in October, but won’t actually get it until November.

That’s my prediction anyway.

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4 thoughts on “Leopard kinda sorta maybe ready for launch…maybe…sort of….

  1. i want! gimme gimme gimme! please?

    ever since i got my macbook in mid-2006 i’ve been looking forward to leopard. heck, it’s initially been announced for release in october 200SIX, not seven. i’m tired of waiting!

  2. I would rather a delayed OS than one that is buggy and unfinished.
    It seems as though a lot of people want Apple to slip up. Everyone will be looking very closely at this release and will be shouting its faults from the roof tops.


  3. How fast can they burn copies I’m always asking myself. If they declare a Gold Master the last week of October (in which we’re almost in), can they manage to burn thousands and thousands of copies and ship them worldwide in just a week? How long do these things take?

    I’m guessing a lot longer than just seven days. The AppleTV scenario seams very real.

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