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I have a new life rule. Any piece of software with a title “(blank) vs Zombies” should never be ignored. I’m sure we all had fun with Plants vs Zombies, and it’s high time that the meme continues on to other absurd conflicts against the zombie apocalypse. This time, you control three kids who have barricaded themselves behind a wooden wall of spikes known simply as the “fort.” Dexter, Scarlet, and Marcus need to survive the night rush of zombies and hell dogs with the occasional “boomers” (yeah they’re rip offs from Left 4 Dead except that the bile they spit damages your fort instead of attracting the horde).

So I’d spend the better part of waiting for my hot date to show up (she’s always late!!!) plowing through all 45 levels. The rudiments are simple. You control all three kids simultaneously, wherein each one possesses a different sort of attack. Dexter is your close range, fast firing specialist, Scarlet is your sniper, and Marcus is your AOE (area of effect and splash damage) guy. At the end of every stage, you can purchase upgrades to your fort, player AI (when not controlling other kids, they can fend for themselves), and special weapons. Personally, you can get by with just using Scarlet and upgrade the the AI of the other kids when possible. Scarlet is crucial to the game as once you grab the knock back upgrade to her slingshot, you’ll prove unbeatable against boss battles.

[Download Kids vs Zombies] iTunes Link

Look kids, Monkey Wrench LLC has made the game available for free, so aside from being a complete time waster, it also won’t cost you anything.

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One thought on “Kids vs Zombies: FUN, FREE, APOCALYPTIC

  1. So I’d spend the better part of waiting for my hot date to show up (she’s always late!!!)

    Apple Store review process again?

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