Keeping it Simple: The UpStand iPad Stand

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I’m a big fan of keeping it simple. I like my desk to look organized and well put together. I prefer few things to most on my desktop. I don’t keep clutter on or around my desk, because it just gets in the way. Ultimately, all I want is a nice, clean workspace that gets the job done.

I’ve already got an iPad stand that fits that bill, but when I saw this one, I started weighing my options. It’s called the UpStand, and it’s a very simple piece of material. Basically, it’s a circular base with two vertical poles that hold an angled panel with ledges for the iPad. It’s wide enough to hold the iPad in either landscape or vertical fashion, and it’s made of aluminum with a turned look. The result is a clean and simple stand with no frills, but it gets the job done.

As with most things Apple related, it’s not cheap. You can find it at MacInBag for $49.95, plus applicable shipping costs. Of course, it may not be cheap, but if you need a stand for your iPad and you happen to have some cash available, maybe this is your best option.

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2 thoughts on “Keeping it Simple: The UpStand iPad Stand

  1. First time I’ve seen your site. Throughout you’re talking about how some of the items you review seem a bit expensive. Then, in the background of the Upstand iPad stand, I see an Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman and wonder—are you pulling our leg(s)?

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