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Oh, Sharper Image, how I love thee. I remember when I was just barely old enough to drive, how I’d take the car down to the Biltmore fashion center just to see those new gadgets that you had on the shelves. “Ooh, an electric razor with foam dispenser! If only I could shave!” I would think, and then go home to dream of foot massage machines and hot chicks in skimpy lingerie – You know, from their catalogs.

But then you filed for bankruptcy, and I figured that I’d never see another fancy product again. But I was wrong. Oh, so wrong.

Let me introduce to you the The Sharper Image Rotating Speaker System Dock for iPod Touch or iPhone. You put your phone in the middle, just like the fancy picture above, and this little motor spins the iPhone around while music plays. You can tilt it to the side, or just have it spin, depending on your preferences.

See, here’s the major flaw. Sure, it’s neat that the iPhone spins around I guess, that way you can watch the image flip from side to side as the iPhone spins. But if you leave it in one position, it means that you’re going to listen to this set of speakers, watching a movie, with your face inches away from the dock. So you’re going to look retarded while you listen to your stereo.

Oh, Sharper Image, this isn’t your high point. Let’s go back to the things that made you great, like expensive and overpriced bathrobes.

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