IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “Perfect Balance: Lost Trials” App

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Physics geeks this one’s for you! The “Perfect Balance: Lost Trials” Game application for the iPhone involves puzzling situations where shapes must be placed on geometric objects so that they do not fall off of the screen.

An engineered gravity is in place, and triangles, circles, squares, and other strange non-symmetrical shapes are picked up with one’s thumb and placed on the fixed geometric shapes below the dotted line. Placing a circle on a triangle’s edge that is angled down, and the circle will fall down the slope and off the screen, or imaginary ledge.

The object of “Perfect Balance: Lost Trials” is simple: place all of the shapes below the dotted line without any falling off of the screen, as the suspenseful daredevil music thrills, like a horror movie bordering on a splatter of the fallen.

There is a free version of “Perfect Balance: Lost Trials” App and a Gold version for $.99. This game is an extraordinarily challenging one that can become addictive in a very little amount of sand falling down the hourglass. Fighting gravity is a very real predicament that is not easily overcome in real life, or in the balance of this game!

Grade: A-

Perfect Balance:  Lost Trials
Perfect Balance: Lost Trials

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