IDG to hold “Town Hall” meeting next week at Macworld

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IDG is not letting Macworld go down without a fight – and with that in mind, they’re going to be holding a “Town Hall Meeting” on Wed. January 7, at 5PM PT (at Moscone’s Gateway Ballroom – room 102) to discuss where Macworld should go without Apple’s direct involvement in the future.

Everyone in attendance is invited – and all ideas are open for discussion. What kind of new show attractions, content, and features would appeal to attendees will probably be the main topic of discussion. It will also give Macworld visitors a chance to ask questions about next year’s event.

I think this is a great move on IDG’s part, and I’ll be attending the Town Hall meeting to see how it goes. I’ve got a few ideas I wouldn’t mind throwing out there.

The more I think about the history of this show, the more I hope it survives. If it can re-invent itself as a show that isn’t centered around Apple’s Keynote, it’s possible they could make it.

What do you think they should do to stay alive?

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