Humor: PVP lovingly pokes fun at Mac Fans

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pvp.jpgI don’t read webcomics everyday like I used to, but occasionally I’ll stop by the sites and read some of my favorite online comic strips. One of the sites I can’t seem to escape is – PVP has been a daily staple of my reading for over five years now, and it’s amazing to me the success the series has had.

If you’re not familiar with PVP it’s about the lives of the staff of Player Vs. Player magazine, and the antics that constantly ensue when they attempt to do any work. Over the years, Mac fans have bombarded creator Scott Kurtz with requests to switch to a Mac…so much so that a few years ago he finally said “put up or shut up” and told them all to just send him a dollar instead of telling him to switch.

They did…and he bought a Mac.

Now, Kurtz is drinking the Mac Kool-aid with the rest of us. March 16th strip, however, gently pokes fun at us Mac fans for wanting every computer that the company puts out…it’s funny…because it’s true.

Click Here to take a look.

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2 thoughts on “Humor: PVP lovingly pokes fun at Mac Fans

  1. Yes, that strip is now officially my favorite from PVP, replacing the one when Jade expressed interest to Brent about learning how to use a PowerBook.

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