Half Life 2 Teased for Steam on Mac

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I’m not a huge computer gamer, I’m much more of a console guy. But when Steam came out for the Mac, I decided to try it out. I had been wanting to play Portal for a long time now, I just hadn’t picked it up for my 360 yet – kind of a low priority, I suppose. Anyways, when Steam was released for the Mac, I picked up Portal and gave it a shot. It’s a bit touchy getting used to keyboard commands when you’ve worked a controller for so long, but it’s like riding a bike – you never forget how.

Now, Half Life 2 is coming to the Mac, and I can’t wait. It’s another one of those games that I’ve heard tons about but never played. Now it’s more accessible to me, making my life that much easier. Good times.

To celebrate and announce the game, they’ve put out a video spoofing the famous Apple 1984 Ad from back in the day. Clip is above, and it’s worth a chuckle. Of course, if you haven’t seen that famous ad, then you won’t get the joke. Guess you’re out of luck, huh?

Oh wait, it’s right here.

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