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For those who don’t know, I’m a freelance writer and photographer. I do several things every day, and work for lots of different people, which is both a blessing and a curse. Recently, I picked up a big gig as the editor of a local publication. This company uses Apple products to get the design work done, and they had a shiny, new, i7-powered 17-inch MacBook Pro for me, all ready to go. Although I was tempted, I decided against taking it for the job, just in case things went awry for one reason or another. Instead, I worked it into my contract that they’ll establish a workstation for me with a specific list of materials, and then I’ll just bring my MacBook Pro with my every day. It pained me a little bit to do that, but I’d rather use my computer on a daily basis, that way I’ve got everything set up the way I want it.

But until they get me the supplies I requested, I’ll be shuttling my own equipment back and forth to work, including my fancy mouse, in my backpack. I hate doing this, because inevitably, my stuff will get scratched up from bouncing around in the bag. I’ve been looking for another option, and that’s how I found this one here.

It’s a bag made by WaterField Designs, built for the Magic Trackpad, and it’s called the Trackpad Socket.  For $12, you get a padded pouch that holds your Magic Trackpad securely and safely so that it won’t get damaged. They also have cases for the Apple Wireless Keyboard, if you happen to need to transport one of those as well. Not too shabby.

I haven’t found a case for my mouse yet, but I’m still on the hunt. Let’s hope I can find something.

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