Freeverse sale! – 30% Off Everything!


Normally I don’t write about a company giving discounts as news – but Freeverse is no ordinary company. From the great casual, and more hardcore, games they have created, to their great applications, Freeverse is one of the best developers for the Mac.

My favorite product of theirs is Lineform. Lineform is a vector based image application ala Adobe Illustrator – only less expensive. I don’t want to say “cheaper” because I don’t think Lineform is – in any way – a cheaper version of Illustrator. It’s not a clone – it’s a fantastically more affordable alternative. You can read my review of it here.

So how do you get your 30% off for your Freeverse buys? Just enter the code montyrules with any purchase before September 20th.

BOOM. done.


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  1. Thank you for the coupon for FreeVerse software. I made a purchase that I had been putting off and got 30% off. Fantastic blog!