Freeverse Offers former Freehand users a special discount on Lineform

lineform_logo.jpgI am a huge fan of Lineform, the vector based Illustrator Alternative from Freeverse. You can read a brief review of the product right here. My favorite vector graphics app, however, is Freehand. I loved Freehand, and when Adobe bought Macromedia I knew that my favorite program was toast. Adobe was going to kill it…and they did. Freehand is dead.

Now, Illustrator CS3 has a few shreds of Freedhand in it, and I think Illustrator is better off for it, but it ain’t Freehand.

Lineform from Freeverse is actually much closer to Freehand than Illustrator, and for those of you that don’t have (or don’t want) Adobe’s vector graphics program, Lineform is a perfectly acceptable alternative. I highly recommend Lineform…and from now until June 1st, there couldn’t be a better time to buy it.

Former Freehand users can get a special price for switching to Lineform by simply entering the code “freehand” when they check out. You’ll get Lineform for only $49.95, which is an incredible deal for an application like this. If you’re interested in vector graphics, or if you work professionally with vector graphics in an environment that can handle EPS files instead of AI native files, then Lineform is definitely worth a try.

You can download it here.

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  1. What’s the point of pushing a program to FreeHand users if doesn’t even open FreeHand files? (Which it doesn’t)!
    Pete Bell, UK