Flip4Mac release Drive-In Public Beta

drv_screen2.jpgThe crew over at Flip4Mac have released an innovative new DVD back-up tool for Mac Owners.

The program is called Drive-In, and it allows you to completely back up your DVDs on your Mac…menus, video quality, everything stays in…even the copy protection.  You can’t share your back ups with others, but you can play it on any computer that you own.

This is a perfect solution for users who genuienly just want to back up their own DVDs.  If you have kids and disks get scratched a lot, or if you travel and don’t want to carry a ton of DVDs with you when you go, this is a fantastic solution.

The public beta is free, but will expire on May 1st, 2007.  After that time you’ll have to purchase the final version if you want to continue viewing your back-ups.  The Final price for Drive-In has not yet been set, but is expected to be around $50.

Click Here to download

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  1. it’s a great idea, but in favor of saving (a LOT) of space, i’ll go to a bit more effort and stick with mactheripper and handbrake.