Dilbert and the iPhone

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You know sometimes (like on a really slow news day) it’s nice to kick back and laugh at ourselves as we are lovingly mocked in comic strips. Today’s Dilbert strip is both frighteningly true, and also pretty darn funny.

Before the internet became my job, the internet often kept me from my job…and sometimes it STILL keeps me from doing my job. (I have Vista loaded through Parallels specifically to spend too much time at PopCap.com) I figure for most of you, the time you spend here is time you should probably be working…and I’m glad we can be one of your drugs of choice.


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3 thoughts on “Dilbert and the iPhone

  1. Oh, yes. So true. The average attention span is ~45 minutes. After that, you need to take a walk or grab a cup. I sit at a desk all day writing test procedures for the software validation dept of a medical device company. After about 45 minutes, it’s all a blur. I hit the internet at least once an hour to catch up on my Mac news and “reset” the brain.

    Thanks for another good reset…now it’s back to work!

  2. Oh, Michael. You have no idea. I’m typing this comment at my 6-figure salary job while I should be doing about 10 other things. ‘Drug of choice’ is both accurate and chilling. The lost productivity! The risk of having to update my resume! Oh, the humanity!

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