Celtx – a MUST HAVE resource for Writing in ANY Medium

If you’re interested in writing for film, television, radio, comic books, or just plain prose – you need to download Celtx.

This amazing pre-production software has just recently released version 1.0…and it is simply spectacular. Not only are their templates for writing appropriate scripts in all of the formats I just mentioned, the FREE service also includes online community collaboration, project back-up, and even an iPhone interface for viewing your scripts.

I have written two screenplays using Celtx in the past, and now that it has comic book formats as well, there’s no telling how many scripts I will eventually crank out of this software…but it’s the online tools that make it truly amazing…and the price of FREE is equally unbelievable.

This is an open source project that there is absolutely no charge for. They don’t even accept donations for themselves, instead, they ask that you donate to Against Malaria to help buy life-saving bed nets to fight off mosquitos and save people’s lives in countries where teh Malaria epidemic is still ongoing.

So let’s recap what you get —

Industry leading script writing software
Templates for all forms of script writing: tv, film, audio, comic books, and more
Online collaboration
Online Back-up
iPhone Interface for viewing projects

And the cost…FREE.

I hate to gush about software…but I have to GUSH about this software. It’s an indy producer’s DREAM. Everything you need to create at your finger tips. The advanced features of the software allow you to link reference material to scenes, organize your props, locations, scenes…every single aspect of pre-production on ANY kind of creative video, audio, or art project, can be handled with this software.

I give it my highest possible recommendation.

You can download it for free right here.



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  1. It’s (originally) a fork of the venerable Firefox. It runs on XUL, I don’t think it has or needs the advanced formatting LaTex offers.