Build your own Paper Macs

paper-classicprint.gifI love Stumble Upon…you can always find something interesting on the web…tonight I came across this post from CreativeTechs from late last year.

They have gone through great pains to gather all of the paper Macs that you can cut out and fold together from all over the web.

The list of Legacy Macs available includes:

Mac Plus (1986)
Mac SE/30 (1989)
Mac IIci (1989)
Mac Classic II (1991)
Mac LC II (1992)
Mac Color Classic (1993)
Mac LC 520 (1993)
Mac Quadra 840av (1993)
Power Mac 6100 (1994)
Performa 5200 (1995)
Performa 5420 Black Case (1996)
Power Mac 7600 (1996)
Performa 6400 (1996)

Plus some newer models, and just about every iPod ever made…and the iPhone too!

Click Here to check it out.

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  1. ummmm….. every year there is new things invented so why shoud I buy a note book like that when in the future there is going to be BETTEER LAPTOPS!!!!?????/ So think about it.. stop inventing new stuff you pollute the atmosphere!!! I dont like that so back off