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The iPhone 4 is arguably the most fragile of the iPhone series, and that’s just another opportunity for case makers to make their mark. One of the big names in the case world is Vaja, makers of pricey leather goods with lots of details. They just came out with a few new models for the iPhone 4, and as is to be expected, they’re not cheap.

Ultimately, the value in a Vaja case is in the little details. These are made from 100-percent├é┬áleather, and are handcrafted to your specifications. The ivolution Top case, for example, is black with a suede interior panel that comes in various colors, and is $80. Then there’s the classic Retro Slim Bag (pictured above), which is also made of leather and has tons of color options as well. It’s only $55 – cheap in comparison – and has a fancy racing stripe down the side.

I get it – I’m a case guy, after all. And if I were the guy who was planning on keeping my iPhone for 2 years, something like this might make a bit more sense. But since I sell my iPhones once the new one comes out, this doesn’t make as much sense for me. Besides, it’s a bit too fashionable for me. Now for my mom or wife, maybe it fits the ticket. Well, my mom at least.

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