Bandwagon – Online iTunes backup with Unlimited Storage

bandwagon.jpgIf you have a huge iTunes Library and are looking for an easy online storage solution Bandwagon may be right up your alley.

Bandwagon is an automatic an unobtrusive service that allows you to backup your iTunes library, and it features a variety of additional features including Menubar controls, Quick Search and more.

The service costs $69 a year…and may be a very effective and easy solution for backing up your music.

I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks promising. If you’ve used it please let us know what your experiences were in the comments below.

Apple Gazette Team
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  1. I just got a paid account and started uploading. I’ve got 20 gigs of music (not including tv shows and movies) and its probably going to take a while but it seems like a really good idea. I like the idea of backing up my music collection in the background and not having to deal with actively checking on what its doing and where things are going. Also, having to keep media around (like burned cds or dvds) is messy and I’ve always found it hard to keep organized.

  2. Awesome Nick…I’m thinking about trying it myself. Please let us know what your experience with it is after you get everything uploaded.