Back Flip Case: Brainless Gift for the Holidays

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Ever tried making your iPhone or iPod touch stand by itself? It’s almost like trying to pick up a wet watermelon off the floor. Nearly impossible. Kudos to Apple for their “ergonomic design.” In the recent past, most portable gadgets have had furniture-like features built into them. The latest would be stock gadget stands that pop out from the back estate. Here you go. So what’s stopping the world’s best mobile phone from acquiring its own kick stand? Well, the answer’s quite obvious — Apple is.

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So this gives accessory manufacturers the opportunity to sell items like these. Apple already angered third party guys for building an FM tuner into the new 5th gen nano, but something tells me that a kick stand is something they’re never going to do.

For the holidays, this is definitely a gift you shouldn’t ignore. It’s brainless. It costs USD $29.95. It’s available on Amazon. Your iPhone charges while inside the case and though I don’t see a reason why a patent should be filed for this, it does appeal for a great digital photo stand. There are other openings in the case for the headphone jack and camera at the back.

The iPhone Back Flip Case fits both iPhone 3G and 3GS. Guess what iPod touch owners, no love for you. At least, not yet.

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